Although most car rental agencies policies state that customers must notify the agency if they loose a key, not all customers do for fear of being heavily charged. When a rental customer looses and replaces a key without notifying the agency, any and all spare keys (kept back at the rental office) will no longer operate the vehicle. Our engineers regularly replace lost keys for car rental companies of all sizes, either at the rental office, or at the roadside. We also manufacture additional keys and offer advice as to how rental agencies can mitigate the chances of a customer replacing a key without notifying them in the future. Our engineers supply keys of all kinds, from standard keys to remote keys and from pod-style keys to the new style proximity or "smart" keys, which can be used to start a vehicle whilst the keys are in your pocket or handbag.

We also take the hassle away from arranging payment. The work our engineers carry out is paid directly to the locksmith by ourselves (the network). We then arrange to collect payment from either the end customer, or from the rental agency under their standard payment terms.


  • All Types of Keys Provided
  • Nationwide UK Coverage
  • A Single Point of Contact
  • Qualified & Insured Locksmiths, Every Time!
  • Quick & Simple Booking Procedure
  • Same Day or Next Day Service
  • No Hassle Payment Arrangement
  • Total Customer Satisfaction

Using our national network as a single point of contact for your auto locksmith and car key related problems means less time on the phone trying find a qualified and insured locksmith with the right skill set and availability to carry out the work.


  • How much does a replacement key cost?

    The price of a replacement lost or stolen car key depends on the vehicle make, model and year of manufacture. Most (but not all) keys fall between the £100 - £150 mark, with an additional picking, cutting and programming fee usually costing between £50 - £100. The best way to avoid high charges is to ensure you have a working, spare key before you need a replacement.

  • How does payment work?

    Our engineers are used to being paid straight away, which is why our network pays each lockssmith directly, immediately after each job is completed. We then collect payment from the customer under their standard payment terms.


Utilise our national network for all your requirements and receive discounted rates and priority bookings.
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